Prometheus designs, engineers and manufactures custom displays,
point of purchase and in-store marketing for the retail industry.

Cast Resin
Dynamic brands need dynamic marketing. Each unique resin display starts with a clay sculpture hand-carved by our skilled artisans, fine-tuned to our clients’ aesthetics, then molded for mass production. The final casts are hand-painted for a unique branding beacon that will separate your product in-store.
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Temporary Displays
Temporary POP, often made from corrugate, foam core or falcon board, offers clients the ability to merchandise their product in-market with faster lead times, lower costs, and smaller quantities. Many of the materials in the temporary display space can be recycled or manufactured entirely with sustainable content.
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End Caps
The aisle end caps may be the most important real estate in the store, offering the retailers an opportunity to increase sales and profitability through ease of accessibility and convenience. Gain an even larger competitive advantage by dressing up the space with eye-catching marketing and merchandising.
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Point of Sale/Counter-Top
Consumers are proven to impulse buy at the time of purchase when attractive counter displays trigger emotional responses. Our solutions can be made any size and shape and out of any material.
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Wire Racks
Wire racks offer a wide range of advantages in the marketplace including affordability and modularity, and are easy to assemble and lightweight to ship.
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Wood Displays
A more permanent solution for your display, wood is a material that has incredible range to match even the most demanding brand’s aesthetic. We match your look (and budget) from rustic, natural finishes to farmhouse shabby chic to a high-end furniture look and feel.
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Metal Displays
Metal offers durability, a premium aesthetic, and a wide range of craftsmanship for all your POP needs.
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Events + Promotional
Catch your customer’s attention with branded inflatables, pop-up tents, promo flags, and more.
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Design + Engineering
Creative ideation is the process of developing and communicating new ideas, from an original concept to implementation. Our Design team understands Retail and provides accurate and complex 3D renderings in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get environment. Our Engineering team artfully brings the renderings to life by applying science, math, and manufacturing principals to each display.

Offering both domestic and international manufacturing, our diverse capabilities expand to nearly every material including wood, metal, wire, acrylic, resin, corrugate, and fabric. Additionally, we have a wide range of commercial print options that provide essential components to supplement the displays.

Global Logistics
Largely a science but also an art, our Production and Fulfillment team manages the manufacturing of our products from initial production through end-use at retailer and ensures the timely and efficient communication, transport, and distribution of goods.