Ken and Bill have a combined 50 years of experience in the marketing production industry. Both are former marketers, print producers, and buyers and sellers of retail displays and in-store marketing. Their expertise ranges from marketing services and manufacturing to product branding and retail operations. Together, they created a nimble and creative POP solutions provider that drives in-store sales and differentiates their clients’ products in market.

Prometheus has cherry picked a supporting cast of talent with unparalleled experience in the retail point-of-purchase industry. They offer “ground up” solutions, starting with creative ideation and rendering, to full engineering, manufacturing, fulfillment, and shipping.

Prometheus Retail Solutions is named after the Titan in Greek mythology known for his savvy intellect. He gave the gift of fire to mankind resulting in the skill of metalworking and the creation of the arts, sciences, and civilization. Prometheus works with passion, dedication, and honesty to establish long relationships with their clients.

Prometheus Retail Solutions
1079 Sunrise Ave
Ste B - 129
Roseville, Ca 95661-7009